Super Dust Free

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Less dust, Less noise, and excellent braking force. Brake pad with less brake noise and dust.

Product Code: SDF

Price Japanese cars (F)21,000 yen (R)18,900 yen (excluding tax)
Other cars (F)24,150 yen (R)22,050 yen (excluding tax)
Material Non steel not asbestos
Temperature range 0-350 degrees C
Fade-proof performance Over 450 degrees C
Dust Little
Friction coefficient 0.37-0.48
Initial braking power Hard
Nature of Rotor attack Few
Run field Street
Features Dust-proof

The dust-proof performance was proved by the test run.

The comparison test by the general user of a sport pad (our company conventional article) and a “Super Dust Free (SDF)”. It tested on not a sport run but the city area, and the high-speed way as a general user used it usually.


Sport PAD

1,126km (17 days)

6,291km (4 months)


Sport PAD

842km (9 days)

5,576km (5 months)