Product Lineup

From Rally, Dirt Trial, Gymkhana, Circuit to the Street. Please Letting anything about the brake. I have provided the answers for you.

BRIG for Street

BRIG for Street

It is the brake pads that are both excellent cost performance and mild performance suitable for city driving.

BRIG for Sports

BRIG for Sports

This brake pad that has been developed by the same design concept for a Competition pad.

BRIG for Competition

BRIG for Competition

Specially designed for each category completely. It is a dedicated high-performance brake pads competition was born to win.


brembo AM Brake Pad

Realize the running of a notch, world-class quality. brembo AM Brake Pad.


brembo AM Disc

Brake discs that produce a peace of mind driving. High quality and cost performance. brembo AM Plane Disc.


brembo AM-MAX Disc

Carved Slit is the proof of the highest level of performance. brembo AM MAX Disc.

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